Maxiclima Essence is the real translation of bold design and the best cost benefit on the market. It offers the truck a totally modern and elegant style, as it has an outer cover finish and black air vents. Another great advantage is the easy installation, with a compact structure, besides increasing the useful life of its spare parts, it fits perfectly in all cabins.

In addition, its modern system operates in a way that provides much more comfort to the driver, combined with strong air power and double pump, the cooling of the cabin occurs quickly.


Peso Bruto: 10,6 kg
Climatizador + reservatório: 12,7 kg
Dimensões (AxLxP): 103x636x855 mm 
Tensão: 12V / 24V 
Tampa: Cor preta e branca 

Vantagens do

Modern and elegant external look;
Double pump air conditioning system;
Covers all cabins;
Economic system;
Higher air flow and efficiency;
Easy handling and quick installation;
With full external whip;
Black External Cover Option.


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