Designed to be used in any vehicle or closed space, with maxiclima i-led you can write names, grasphics, dates, time temperature and wahtever you can imagine, with endless possibilitiesd for graphic designs, functions and effects for messages, which may be programmed easily through a keyboard connected to the device.
With 8 led lines and 64 high glow led columns, creates optimal visibility in sunny days and also long distances.


Vantagens do

Led panel with 8 lines per 64 columns offering better clarity and visibility on the messages;
512 high glow led panel allowing optimal visualization in sunny days and long distances;
Digital voltimeter measuring from 10V to 32V (allows checking/exhibiting battery tension);
Equipment of easy installation in any space or vehicle, including support with double function for fixation (suckers or screws);
Bivolt equipment with functioning between 10V and 32V and low consume of energy.


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