Maxi Refrigerator

The Maxiclima Refrigerator has bigger internal capacity, exclusive design,
quality in the internal parts injection offering durability to the product,
it also contains special protection against dust and oxidation.

We all know how hard and tiring life is on the road,  that is why we are concerned in developing products which make that daily journey easier. Working similarly to your home refrigerator, only proper to be installed on the cabin or semi traillers of your truck the new maxiclima refrigerator brings you economy, besides the possibility of better selecting food options.
• System without belts, do not need replacement with time, making it economical at medium and long term;

• Compressor developed specifically for applications on board with buffer system for impact and vibration;
• Unique and independent set with sealed engine and compressor in a single house sealed;
• 12 Vdc / 24 vdc automatic bivolt  (self adjustable);
• Smart electronic system programmed to  turn off the refrigerator when power source is below acceptable, assuring the engine to start and avoiding excessive battery discharge when the vehicle remains off for long periods of time.

Product dimensions:

- Height: 540mm
- Width: 480mm
- Depth: 550mm

Peso Bruto: 32,5 kg
Capacidade Interna: 70 litros
Tensão: 12V / 24V
Temperatura Máxima Refrigerador: -1ºC 
Temperatura Evaporador/Congelador: -17ºC
Dimensões (AxLxP): 540x550x480 mm

Vantagens do
Maxi Refrigerator

2 liters freezer;
Total internal capacity 70 litres;
Low energy consumption;
Excellent inner utilization;
Exclusive sealing system;
12/24v automatic bivolt;
Protection against battery discharge;
High robustness;
7 options of temperature;
High sealing system;
Internal lighting.


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