The Slim Evaporative Cooling System counts with an exclusive led rgb lighting system, enabling the choice of over 10 colors, with 3 random modes besides a pre-cooling system avoiding the need to add cold water and ice to the tank in order to obtain bette result, the Evaporative Cooling System cools equally, regardless the water temperature used.
Evaporative Cooling System specially designed to improve the quality of life of drivers have been developed with a closed cabin.aiming to reduce temperature and improve air humidity, delivering great comfort and well being to the driver in order to minimize tiredness and fatigue sensations, improving productivity for these professionals.
The Evaporative Cooling System may be installed in any vehicle that has a closed cabin.

Peso climatizador + Reservatório: 13,8 kg
Capacidade reservatório: 16 litros
Dimensões (AxLxP): 10x68x90 mm
Altura de 10cm frontal e 6cm atrás
Tensão: 12V / 24V 

Vantagens do

Water pre-cooling system with new cycle (trade mark product);
Bigger cooling capability (bigger filter area and air entrance);
Maximum performance regardless weather conditions;
Water sensor adjusted for better sensibility;
External lighting (premium model)
Available in versions: master, premium and vip.


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