Maxi Cooler Scania Mod NTG

Innovation and quality are always present in the Maxiclima brand, and with the new Scania Refrigerator, the subject could not be different. The new internal refrigerator of Scania Mod. NTG, Cabins R, S, V8 meets modernity, efficiency, practicality and exclusivity. Attached to the lower drawer of the truck bed, its installation is quick and easy, in addition to not taking up internal space in the cabin.
- Height: 320mm
- Width: 320mm
- Depth: 650mm
- Capacity: 22L
- Weight: 13,8Kg

Peso Bruto: 13,8 kg
Capacidade Interna: 22 litros
Tensão: 12V / 24V
Temperatura Interna Mínima: -2ºC
Dimensões (AxLxP): 320x320x650 mm 

Vantagens do
Maxi Cooler Scania Mod NTG

Does not take up space in the cabin (Installed in the drawer below the bed);
Thermostat for temperature control;
Ample internal space: 22 liters;
Operates on both 12v and 24v, automatically detecting voltage;
Minimum temperature: -2ºC.


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